Get Your Team Ready: Designing The Future Human-Machine Workplace


Forrester Report: Human Machine Workplace

All digital marketers will soon be working alongside AI. Is your team ready? A report from Forrester Research reveals how people and machines can thrive together in the workplace. Here’s a brief look at some key takeaways:

Design an Inclusive Workplace
While we might enjoy imagining a world in which technology has taken on our boring, repetitive tasks, the reality is many of us don’t feel ready for this revolution. In fact, Pew Research found that 65% of employees in the US fear being replaced by robots in the next 50 years. To make sure their teams feel empowered by, rather than fearful of, technology, leaders need to strategically design a workplace that supports both humans and machines. This means showing consideration for employee experiences when implementing technology, giving employees authority on what gets automated, and clearly defining roles for people and machines.

Free Employees for More Important Work
AI technologies can significantly lower cognitive load and free up time for more strategic work by taking rote, mechanical tasks off of employees’ plates. To harness machine learning for success, leaders must communicate time and cognitive load savings with employees, outline what new tools are doing, and explain why technology is making certain decisions. Building trust and transparency between individuals and machines will allow people to do what they do best, and leave machines to handle rote, time-consuming tasks.

Adapt AI to People, Not The Other Way Around
When the learning curve is high, people struggle to adapt to new technology. A mere 23% of global information workers report easily understanding how specific technologies work. The good news? 48% are open to receiving training to improve their skillsets at work. To support employees during a technology transition, organizational leaders should not only try to layer AI into existing software, but also offer ongoing training to increase understanding of new tools.

Leave Humans In Charge
To create an optimal environment for human-machine collaboration, we need to preserve space for human judgment, creativity, and cross-domain expertise. Companies can play to those inherent strengths by investing in workers whose duties require emotional awareness, leaving collaborative tasks for humans, and keeping people in the loop on automated business processes.

A lot can go wrong when companies integrate AI into their business processes, but the benefits are enormous when implemented well. Download the report to learn how people and technology can successfully collaborate.

by Diana DeMallie
Marketing Manager