Investor Relations

Lisa Gordon
Chairman of the Board 

Albert Technologies Ltd
Or Shani, Chief Executive Officer

Albert Technologies Ltd
Yoram Freund, Chief Financial Officer
Tel: +972 3537 7137

Albert has appointed Asset Match ( to facilitate trading in its ordinary shares. Asset Match, a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, operates an electronic off-market dealing facility for the ordinary shares. This facility allows existing shareholders of the Company ("Shareholders") and new investors to trade ordinary shares by matching buyers and sellers through periodic auctions. Investors can register their interest for further information on the Asset Match auction process by emailing

The Asset Match trading facility operates under its own code of practice which governs the behavior of participants and the running of the periodic auctions. Asset Match operates an open auction system where volumes of bids and offers at different prices are displayed on its website together with the closing date of the auction. At the end of each auction period Asset Match pass this information through a non-discretionary algorithm that determines a "fair" share price based on supply and demand and allocates transactions accordingly. Bids and offers may be made and withdrawn at any time before the closing date of each auction.

Shareholders wishing to trade shares through Asset Match must do so through a stockbroker and a comprehensive list of stockbrokers who have signed up to access the Asset Match platform is available on the Asset Match website. The preferred broker of Asset Match is Share Centre:

Details regarding auction dates will be posted on the Company’s page on the Asset Match website: